You can call me Edwina if you must but by the time your wedding comes we’ll be good mates… or at least have had many laughs together!

From my experience, I’m not exactly like all the other wedding photographers. I don’t just show up on the wedding day while you’re finishing up your final preparations and setup a few shots of your makeup artist pretending to put on your blush again. I also don’t sneak out for the night quickly after your first dance. I’m the full meal deal. I usually spend your entire wedding weekend with you because, I love this gig. I love being part of the whole process and getting to know the people you love and cherish so my work reflects all the personalities and moments.

I love traveling to your family home out in the middle of  nowhere. I feel like your story is so much more than six hours of wedding celebrations. Your story is the friends and family around you who have supported you and made you who you and your partner are. It’s an early morning coffee with your Dad one last time before you no longer bear his last name, a warm embrace from your Grandma when she tells you just how proud she is of you at the rehearsal dinner the night before and the way your husband looks at you when you walk towards him down the aisle. In my opinion, there’s no better way to tell your story than for me to become part of it.

Before I become part of your story though, let me tell you a little bit about mine. I feel like I am one of those really lucky people who get to live an extraordinary life. I grew up a country girl born and bred on a property in northern New South Wales. My parents taught me (and my two younger siblings) that fresh air, hard work, horses and homemade biscuits are the good things in life. After over 14 years in the big smoke, I now am based between the family farm in Northern NSW and Toowoomba, QLD. Much travel means I spend little time at home and much time on the backroads for work. Home really is where my heart is though.

Traveling outback Australia feeds my soul.  I spend a lot of time travelling throughout rural Australia and when I can, I always go with my best buddy Jordie. In case you’re wondering, yes, Jordie looks like celebrity dog Hairy McLary from Donaldson’s Dairy, but he’s just your everyday, ridiculously loveable, furry friend.

I love myself a good fascinator and a nice pair of heels as much as I love rocking my R.M Williams Boots and Akubra. I’ve studied fashion and have had myself a career in both personal training and in real-estate, but at the end of the day I can’t imagine myself anywhere without my camera and a story to be told. It’s what get’s me out of bed in the morning. Finding my true passion and actually having the ability to make it my career is something I am thankful for every day. I have met some amazing people through my travels and I get to visit some of the most-beautiful places in Australia and overseas.

I started capturing weddings (by chance) in 2013.  With nearly five years of weddings under my belt I’m slowly adding my next biggest passion to my portfolio, being a positive voice for the bush. After completing a huge 100 days travelling throughout outback Australia (with no money) in 2017 on my project Wander of the West, I now realise how important it is to give a voice to the minority of people who live west of the Great Divide. The families, communities and lives who are often forgotten about, yet provide us with food, fibres and much needed life necessities. I desire to invest as much energy and time as possible to bring awareness about real issues people of the bush face without sugar coating reality. Rural and remote Australia can be tough and unpretty and I believe many Australians have lost the connection and understanding that they once had with the bush.

If you think my particular mix of country charm and ballroom gowns might be your cup of tea, I would absolutely love to be a part of your day, your story.

I cannot wait to hear from you,

Cheers, Eddy


capturing love across Australia and the world

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